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Hearing Loss and Feedback

Okay, so my sister came over with the twins and my mom was pleased, but whenever she and Debbie come within speaking distance of each other, it is amazing what they hear. I mean, you can say that the "wind up here sucks" and they'll hear "have wind-up sex". THAT is what I mean when I say that it's amazing what they hear. It isn't annoying or anything in itself - it's actually very amusing, but it's when that starts interfering with their other senses that it gets annoying. They were on their way out the door and my mom was looking for her sunglasses. I looked at the dinner table, where a pair was sitting next to the newspaper, and said, "Are those they?" She looks at the kitchen island and says, "What sunglasses? There aren't any here." That's when I did a Carlos Mencia and "Dee dee-dee"ed my mom before I told her to go to the TABLE and look behind the NEWSPAPER. Well, she lost her sense of humor right then and there. *rolls eyes* Yeesh!
What's worse is, she said something as she was leaving - keep in mind, I'm here at the computer with the radio on and SHE is going through the garage, walking AWAY from me, and, once again, forgetting that I CAN'T HEAR HER WHEN SHE MUMBLES. *face-vaults* Oi vey... *sigh* She ends her little mumble session with, "Remember that for me, okay, Megan?" By this time, she's at the car. So, before I can get up to go to her and ask her to repeat what she had said, she's in the car and down the driveway. I turned up the radio and decided that, if it was really important, she would have stood next to me, where I can hear her, and told me to make sure I got it.

Another thing, and totally unrelated to the beginning of this post, is that I hate it when I post a poem or something like that and ask for feedback and get almost none. I wouldn't be putting it here for all to see if I didn't want feedback, dammit!
*hugs Ash-chan* Except for you, hon - you rock.

Well, that's it for now, I guess. I COULD continue, but then this would end up achieving dictionary-rivaling length and your eyes would hate me.

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