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Okay, this is a good one.
First of all, if you've read my recent blog entry, you know that I have eczema and that it's rearing its ugly head at the moment all across my neck and the lower half of my face, so it isn't as if I can hide it from sight. If you have eczema yourself or know someone else who has it, then you know that it is NOT contagious - you can't pass it on to anyone, you have to be born with it.
Here it is:
I went to the store because I was out of SweetTarts and there was a few other patrons there (the workers know me, so I don't count them). Of the other customers, only one of them did not stare at my eczema. The other four did. As I waited in line to pay, one of them edged away from me and I got annoyed. I gave her a nasty look and rolled my eyes at her actions. Well, SHE was giving ME nasty looks, too, then I heard her say something about how rude and inconsiderate I am to go out in public with such a contagious rash. I lost my patience, but not my self control (thankfully). I told her, "It's eczema, you moron." And she said, "Yeah - eczema is contagious." I said, "No, it isn't! It's a skin disorder that one has to be born with - *it* *is* *not* *contagious*." And then she got all haughty, "Well, *I'M* a NURSE, so I yhink I know more about it than you do." Then she left (but not before the cashier - another eczema sufferer - gave her a VERY nasty look and a cold "have a nice day") and the patron that hadn't stared at my skin said very clearly (with raised eyebrows), "Remind me not to go to the office or hospital she works at - she's a crappy nurse." The other three customers had been backing away from me as she and I exchanged words, which was stupid in and of itself, but that's their problem, not mine. I hope they spend the next few weeks running to the doctor for every stray itch.
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